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The territory of our cafe is a courtyard decorated with lawns and evergreen tuyas that appeal to visitors throughout the year.

In the summertime, the summer area with open booths for 6-8 people will open quickly.At any time, we offer separate cozy kolibi for an unforgettable event in your life. Two smaller huts are designed for 15-20 people, and one large – for 45 -50 people. To forget everyday problems, to break away from home troubles, to help you to enjoy the true atmosphere of rest will help clean Carpathian air and melodious singing of birds that you hear from the threshold of a cozy kolyba or just in the gazebo. This, in the booth, penetrates the incredible aroma of fresh shish kebab, which is still in the last minute on the hot charcoal grill, which we prophesiedly placed near the terrace. A delightful man-made vodka and a decorative mill in our yard will be able to distract from the thoughts of food and to adjust to the romantic system. Our territory is a real paradise where you want to come back again!

You do not have to go to nature to have a rest and enjoy a shish kebab, just visit the “Broty” Cafe. The appropriate natural atmosphere and hospitable reception – we guarantee!


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